Come & try sessions with the Hong Kong federation of youth groups

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Come & Try Session with The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention

The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention (“SRCP”) was founded in 1959 and provides a range of services including community education, mental health service and crime prevention programmes for the general public in Hong Kong.

HKCuA is pleased to have been able to offer young members of SRCP to try curling in Festival Walk Glacier on 31.5.2021. HKCuA hopes to collaborate with more Non-Governmental Organizations in the future, and to offer the opportunity to try curling to people from different sectors of the society.

Interview with Radio Television Hong Kong

HKCuA was honoured to be invited by Radio Television Hong Kong (“RTHK”) to appear on their TV show, “Sports Unlimited” (體壇無極限), in October 2020. 

We would like to thank RTHK for inviting us onto the show (and for all their extensive research beforehand). Thanks must also go to Martin Yan (HK Men’s team member) and Ashura Wong (HK Ladies’ team member) for sharing their wonderful insights.

You may rewatch RTHK interview by clicking https://youtu.be/9wY3lSGSM5c?t=524