About Us

Welcome to Curling Hong Kong China!

You may have come across curling on TV and wondered why people were slidingsweeping and shouting while they were playing. I was one of those people mesmerized by the sport while watching it on television during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in 2014.

Curling Hong Kong China (Full name: Curling Sports Federation of Hong Kong China and formerly Hong Kong Curling Association) was born out of this fascination. While Curling Hong Kong China may have a relatively short history compared to the 480 years old sport, we have reached many milestones and achieved notable results in only a few years.

Often, we did so despite significant challenges in terms of time, effort and money. Despite limited resources, we are always guided by the positive spirit of curling. We also hope that you will join us as a player, volunteer, supporter or simply as a spectator, and share the beauty of this precision sport which requires a unique combination of strength, teamwork, and strategy.  With your support, the future of curling in Hong Kong can only be bright.

Good curling!

John Li, Founding President of Curling Hong Kong China

Our objectives

The key objectives of the Curling Hong Kong China are:
  • To govern and promote the Winter Olympic Sport of Curling in Hong Kong, China;
  • To nurture, train and select athletes to represent Hong Kong, China in regional and international curling events; and
  • To cultivate relations with other curling clubs and associations

Our Structure

Key Visions for the Future

We hope that more people in Hong Kong, regardless of age, gender and abilities can get to experience and enjoy the wonderful sport of curling. In order to do so, we strive to lobby for more curling sessions at local ice rinks. We will also strengthen our existing links with curling clubs and federations overseas to facilitate training and competition opportunities for Hong Kong curlers.

As part of our long-term goals, we hope that a dedicated curling centre can be built in Hong Kong, to allow regular and better training and to attract world curlers and audience through hosting international championships, workshops and conferences.

We also hope that our athletes can strive for excellence, and be able to compete on the World’s biggest stage – whether this be at a country, regional or world level.

None of these goals can be achieved without your support. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to get involved as a player, volunteer or supporter, or simply if you wish to find out a bit more about our beloved sport.